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Support in building India's first gender-free school


We are working on starting India’s first gender-free school for children who are experiencing gender dysphoria or gender non-confirming in Jamui, Bihar with 20 children in March 2022. I am raising funds to run this school as a scholarship per child. You can donate any amount as a contribution and that will help in providing access to education to gender marginalized children. 

Story of Founder- Niwas Kumar

My name is Niwas and I am from Jamui, Bihar in the north of India. While doing my Masters in Education from Azim Premji University, I realized the need for intervention in a sensitive topic that is right in the heart of Indian culture, gender norms. Born as a boy from early childhood onwards, my daily activities were clearly defined what to play with whom, what to wear as clothing, what costume to use, how to behave and not to show emotions even when I wanted to cry. I did my schooling at a boys school and after that, I was so afraid to interact with any girl. And I always felt humiliated because of being a boy but this becomes violence when it comes to girls and those who are not able to confirm their gender. I always ask, why is gender so important in the education of a child? With my organisation AnantmoolI am working on starting a gender-free School for children who are experiencing gender dysphoria and other local children. I believe that anyone can learn anything if social and practical barriers don’t exist. I am expecting to start this school by March 2022. 

Read my whole story and intervention here:-1. Kanthari- click here

About Gender-Free School
After doing a lot of research we found that there is a high need to rescue children who are experiencing gender dysphoria or non confirming and provide space where they can study in a safe space. On another side, we found that the root cause of all gender-based issues is Gendered practices from childhood in the home and school. So, why not have a school where gender doesn’t matter. This school will be a residential school where 60% of children will be who are experiencing gender dysphoria or non-confirming and around 40% would be other children from the local community.

Where we are now in this planning

Expecting to start school:- By the first week of March 2022. 
Curriculum:- We are working on designing a gender-free curriculum which we will follow in our school. We have designed a gender-free colouring workbook and working on designing gender-free storybooks.
Team members:- Right now we are 4 people Niwas, Tanvi, Shivani and Keerthana working on this school together to start. We all are from diverse backgrounds in education and working experiences.
Location of the school:- Simultala, Jamui, Bihar, India-811307
Simultala is a very historical place where around 500 bungalows are still there which belongs to Bengali and Britishers. But right now because of Naxal, no tourism or any other development work happening. Farmers left the farming and their children don’t have access to education. One railway line between Patna-Kolkata crosses from this village. The nearest airport would be Deoghar, which is 60 KM from Simultala.
Activity timeline
Right now we are working on developing a curriculum and collaborating with similar mindset people. We are also in the process of incorporation and our organization name would be anantmool. Right now we are raising funds for the first batch pilot program. This will help in understanding the feasibility and raising more funds to continue the school.

Contact us
Connect us for any query, clarification or other mentorship and connection support.

+91-8789311695 (Anantmool team member Niwas)

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