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About Learning Centre

About Gender-Free Learning

Two children aiming to fishing which shows the vision and mission of our work.

Gender-free dress:- At our center, children will be free to wear whatever they like. But we will suggest to wear comfortable clothes like trouser and T-shirt in any color. This will help in breaking stereotype and open opportunity for children to come out of barriers. If a child come with certain clothes like falling skirts or flowery clothes, then we will have dialogue with child and will ask the questions, “do you really like this clothes, and who gave you this clothe?”. This will help child to reflect and question to existing gender-stereotype.

Gender-free language:- We will not use pronouns he/she or his/her words. But we will use name, friend, everybody/everyone, they/them and wah/hum (Hindi), Tha (Chinese) and Hen (Swedish) gender neutral pronouns. This will also help in mindset transformation of child towards gender-free.

Gender-free books:- As books are gendered, we are going to transform the current books into gender-free. We will add good stories of gender-diverse people to make children aware about diverse gender. We will transform the language and illustration of current books into Gender-free.  

Gender-free seating arrangement:- We are not going to create conventional classroom, but we will have studios where our children will learn. Wherever children will sit in the group, we will ensure that, they are not sitting separately.


Gender-free toilets:-  The toilet will be gender-free which will enable them to respect each gender equally. The cleanness of the toilet also will be one aspect to learn for children.

Door-less office and classroom:- Our offices will be door-less which enable children to access staffs easily. This will develop confidence in children and will help in socialization.

Competition-free sports:- Competition free attitude will open opportunity to for every child to involve in sports.  We encourage children to compete with self not from others.

Holistic development:- Our Gender-Free Learning Centre focuses on holistic development of every individual child. Holistic development includes a. physical development through sports, outdoor activities, tree climbing, b. social development by gender-free socialization, learning from local community, exposure visits, active citizenship participation c. emotional development by creating family culture within learning center. Our facilitators will act like friends and friendly parents. d. intellectual development through critical thinking project work, experiential learning, debate, talk show, research and innovative work.

Two children aiming to fishing which shows the vision and mission of our work.

Our Philosophy

  1. All humans are equal, it doesn’t matter with which organ we are born. Everybody has equal rights and duty to receive and perform in giving back to society by using all the senses and abilities. 
  2. If a gender diverse person will be educated and well prepared then the number of violence and abuses will be less
  3. Our duty is to put all the energy to create role model and then inspire to other school to transform themselves into gender free.
Two children aiming to fishing which shows the vision and mission of our work.
Many children playing in the evening with cycle tyres