About us

About Anantmool

While doing my Masters in Education from Azim Premji University Bangalore I met a trans woman begging on the train and we had a quick discussion and understood her challenges. 

In 2019, I started campaigning in colleges to raise awareness about transgender, worked with Peri Feri organization to train 30 trans people to get jobs in private companies, started a job portal for the trans community and pitched trans entrepreneurship in IIMC and Janhit Jagran Idea Challenge. And one day I got to know about a trans child facing multiple challenges on school level, community level and family level. I became more curious to read and found multiple stories of honour killing from family, rape from close people and teasing by peers. Then I started doing research, interviewing and reflecting through different lenses and found our ecosystem is highly gendered. One side of our community is progressing towards gender equality but the other side is our school system making us more gendered. Binary practices in the education system not only affects the transgender community, but all other children girls and boys are also affected, in different ways. This became the beginning of the Gender-Free Education system and learning concept which gave birth to anantmool.

anantmool is a name of an aromatic herb which grows every where in Asia and have long root. Even it is a tiny plant but uprooting of anantmool is impossible because of their infinite root. We want to change the blood of gender-human as this herb help in purification of blood.

Gender-Free Education consists of gender-free culture, gender-free language, gender-free diverse clothes choices, common sitting arrangement for everyone, gender-free activities, sports and games, and gender-free curriculum in the school system.

Our Vision

One Day All Children will Achieve their full potential and will make their own life choices based on their own interest.

Our Mission

Creating Education leaders who will facilitate Gender-Free Education in school system in India through fellowship program for local youth.

Our Journey


Conceptualized & Presented

  • Conceptualized the idea of gender-free learning with kanthari program
  • Registered anantmool foundation as section 8 company
  • Presented our model at an international Exhibition
  • Given kanthari talk on our dream project anantmool


Pilot and Establish the Proof of Concept

  • Opened India’s first Gender-Free Learning Centre
  • 30+ Children more than 5 hours on working days Engaging at Centre 
  • Children plays together, sit together, learn together and fight together
  • 2 local youth trained in this model and becoming ready for future leader


Growth and Building Foundation for take off

  • Reaching 3 Public Schools
  • 1000+ children
  • Training of 5 local youth as leader of gender-free learning concept
  • Planning to organize events on gender-free learning to make it as a movement of Transformation

Our Team


Riti V.


Shravan Jha


Niwas Kumar


Nikita Kumari

Chief Executive Officer

Shivani Kumari