About us

About Anantmool

In early 2018, while going for a research of Masters in Education, Niwas interact with a transwomen beggar and quickly new that transgender community has no means of earning money respectfully. During the course of another 2 years, the fellow involved in providing job opportunity for trans community. But the fellow realized that breaking the stereotype is not easy because our current education system is highly gendered which making us prejudiced against another gender. Binary based separation in sitting arrangement breaks a healthy interaction among them. Falling skirt make girls fall when they try to take an adventures step. The fellow realized that the community is not going to accept new idea of “Gender-free learning environment” concept. Hence Founders Niwas and Shivani founded anantmool in 2021 and opened a gender-free learning centre in 2022. Now anantmool moving towards creating the change leaders to transform other Government schools on mass level and make sure no child become gender stereotyped.

anantmool is a name of an aromatic herb which grows every where in Asia and have long root. Even it is a tiny plant but uprooting of anantmool is impossible because of their infinite root. We want to change the blood of gender-human as this herb help in purification of blood.

Our Journey


Conceptualized & Presented

  • Conceptualized the idea of gender-free learning with kanthari program
  • Registered anantmool foundation as section 8 company
  • Presented our model at an international Exhibition
  • Given kanthari talk on our dream project anantmool


Pilot and Establish the Proof of Concept

  • Opened India’s first Gender-Free Learning Centre
  • 30+ Children more than 5 hours on working days Engaging at Centre 
  • Children plays together, sit together, learn together and fight together
  • 2 local youth trained in this model and becoming ready for future leader


Growth and Building Foundation for take off

  • Reaching 3 Public Schools
  • 1000+ children
  • Training of 5 local youth as leader of gender-free learning concept
  • Planning to organize events on gender-free learning to make it as a movement of Transformation

Our Team


Riti V.


Shravan Jha


Niwas Kumar

Founder & Director

Shivani Kumari

Founder & Director