Program Manager

Program Manager

An intensive learning job opportunity.

Position Summary

Program Managers hold a pivotal role in nurturing and advancing Fellows throughout schools. Overseeing 5 to 6 Fellows, they steer the development of individuals poised to champion classroom excellence and drive the profound shift toward Gender-Free Education in Bihar. Their guidance encompasses training, consistent classroom evaluation, iterative feedback, coaching, and fostering collaborative environments. Serving as the primary liaison between Fellows and the organization, they cultivate a robust internal ecosystem and foster a positive team ethos within their group and the broader cohort. Program Managers stand as pillars, orchestrating support and growth, ensuring a dynamic force propelling the vision of inclusive education forward. 


The Program Manager plays the critical role of developing our Fellows as teachers and leaders thus ensuring a developmental journey for our Fellows as well as quality education in classrooms. In order to enable that, she/he will focus on the following areas:

-Manage & coach a group of approximately 5 to 6 Fellows to achieve ambitious outcomes in their classrooms:

-Support Fellows in understanding their children’s context, understand gap to grade and its impact and internalize the stakes

-Enable and support Fellows to set ambitious yet feasible academic and holistic goals for their students, design their leadership development goals and ensure accountability towards the same through regular interventions

-Reviewing, providing feedback on daily lesson plans, weekly plans, unit plans, assessments, etc and wherever required to co-plan with Fellows.

-Observing Fellows in their classrooms to coach & strengthen execution, to gather data on student learning and teacher proficiency

-Building strong relationships and a strong team culture among their cohort of Fellows and investing them in their potential impact in the movement.

-Supporting a cycle of fellowship from recruitment and selection to completing the fellowship. Project work, retreat, donor engagement, assisting the leadership team during the work and reporting

Eligibility Criteria

-Bachelor’s degree from any university

-Education fellowship experience from any organization/or working experience in education sector

-Strong classroom learning outcomes during the Fellowship/work

-Basic Proficiency in Pedagogy and advanced proficiency in at least 1 core content area and grade level in alignment to our Student Vision

-Demonstrate emotional maturity, trust, effective relationship-building and teamwork with adults in order to achieve results

-Strong reasoning, problem-solving skills – including analyzing data  to respond to the needs of Fellows through the Fellowship

-Ability to establish and manage a community of Fellows towards achieving collective and personal goals

-Strong desire to learn new things and grow professionally

-Language required:- Hindi and English both basic writing and speaking knowledge

What We Can Offer You

1) A challenging yet flexible workplace in which every individual employee’s staff journey is tracked for excellence and leadership development.

2) A work environment in which employees’ holistic well-being is a core priority, enabling people to be their best selves.

3) The opportunity to be part of one of the most visionary movements in the education sector- “Gender-Free Education”, which is at a pivotal point in terms of designing and scaling while working with changemakers.

4) Remuneration: 12000 INR to 15000 INR per month