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Gender-Free Learning Centre

Combining gender-free practices with alternative learning pedagogy

Why our schools are so gendered?

Many of us seem to want gender-equality, but why don’t we have it? Because our current school system divide boys and girls separately and teach gender-inequality from childhood. This become more worst when children enter into separate boys high school or girls high schoolIn India, most of the schools are gendered or Separate  High schools either Boys High School or Girls High School. If schools are either boys or girls school, then where those children go who are gender-diverse? In India we don’t have even one school which can provide safe school.

Gender Binary Children

In Gendered school, both boys and girls affect equally. If we will not give opportunity to our children to interact with each other then how we can expect from them to work together and respect to each other?

Gender-diverse children

The Population of Transgender people in India is around 4 Million and Gay people is 2.5 Million. Around 98% transgender people get thrown out of the home and only 2% stay with their family members.

Many children playing in the evening with cycle tyres

Opportunities for equality

Gender inequality starts from our home and become even stronger at our school. Transforming mindset of parents is not easy then why not to change our school system. From here children will start questioning to their parents and that will be the beginning of transformation. This will help not only boys and girls but also those who are gender-diverse. Read our model of transformation.

About Anantmool

Anantmool is addressing the issue of gender diversity and inclusion by questioning existing norms and introducing an alternative system where gender no longer exists as a stereotype. 

We are working on starting India’s first gender-free learning centre for all children in Jamui, Bihar with 20 children in February 2022.

Many children playing in the evening with cycle tyres

Gender free learning centre

At our centre, Our facilitators will be gender diverse who will involve with children everyday. We will invite guest facilitators who broke the barriers and living their dreams. For example- women boxer, male makeup artist, transgender business man or leaders.

No Uniform System

Children will be free to wear whatever they like. But we will suggest to wear comfortable clothes like trouser and T-shirt in any color. This will help in breaking stereotype and open opportunity for children to come out of barriers.

Gender-Free Experiences

We will have Gender-free toilets, seating arrangements, open door building for easy access, gender-free group work and other activities. Our curriculum will include the gender diverse stories.

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