As children, we are not limited to what we can become. But as girls, as boys, or as non-binary, are we still "not limited'?

19% Gap

in literacy between girls and boys


30% Women


96% Trans

people do not get dignified job

However, this is not limited to just ONE gender.

An intermediate student in Bihar fell when he found himself among girls in his exam center (source). Gulshan a trans girl who joined boys school was locked in school toilet to check her genitals weather she is a girl or boy. 

As seen above in the current education system, discrimination happens based on gender. This happens because there are gender-specified uniforms, seating arrangements, language, sports, curriculum and toilets. We at Anantmool believe that the root of this problem is lack of education leaders who can facilitate gender-free education in India. 

Our Solution

Gender-Free education

Gender-free education consists of the idea of common sitting arrangement, gender-free language, gender-free sports, gender-free curriculum, and gender-free culture. In this system, the school system encourages children to be more diverse in terms of their interests and choices and identify their true potential.

A 2 years teaching and leadership program for local youth to work with Public schools bridging the gender gap by implementing a Gender-Free Excellent Education system, training teachers by becoming role models, inspiring children by organizing learning festivals, exposure journeys and after fellowship joining the movement.


Children irrespective of their gender will achieve full potential and will make their own life choices.


The mission of anantmool Fellowship is to create leaders who can facilitate a Gender Free Education

anantmool fellowship

  • Local youth during fellowship will be sensitized to gender prejudice
  • They will practice it under the guidance of their mentors
  • They will get chances to reflect and dialogue to unlearn-learn
  • Fellow will engage in transforming one school
  • Fellow will work GFL rubrics and will create leaders in school
  • Children will say- “anyone can do anything if practical and social barrier doesn’t exists”
  • They will become lifelong alumni of anantmool
  • They will become leader who will initiate to work on different issues
  • They will join the hand of different stakeholders to make our vision possible

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Join us in movement of breaking gender based stereotype in learning opportunity and become an anantmool.

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We are looking for a program manager who can manage fellows at Anantmool. Deadline: 25 Dec 2023

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